Part of my “work” today was to take the tangles out of this.

That’s seven and a half metres of spotty red binding.

Now I just need to stitch it onto a quilt…

and select a DVD to watch while I hand-stitch it down.

I’m thinking this…

OK, maybe not the Sesame Street version.


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17 responses to “Tangles

  1. Oooh, red spotty binding – how delicious!

  2. I just love sesame street!

    The spotty binding looks ultra chic….

  3. Love Love love your polka dot binding!

  4. Loving that binding! I love sewing the binding on 🙂

  5. Peta

    I LOVE getting knots out of stuff – it is strangely satisfying

  6. I am not a detangling kind of gal AT ALL. If there’s any chance I will hand it to patient Mister Fixit. The binding will look gorgeous with that ladybird quilt though – if that is what it’s for.

  7. What beautiful binding. You can’t go wrong with spots

  8. Rhu

    How delightlfully delicious. Those spots are gorgeous!

  9. Isn’t Sesame Street hilarious! Did you see the spoof of Law & Order. I swear the puppets look just like the characters. Utter brilliance!

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