Late Night Quilting

I think I may be nocturnal.

As the sky darkens and the night deepens I find myself feeling a surge of energy and a renewed determination to get things done.

In those hours when most people are asleep I can be found in my studio sewing or quilting.

Finishing off items on my to-do list and meeting deadlines.

By the time I get into bed the world is quiet and still. I like that.


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10 responses to “Late Night Quilting

  1. I understand your perspective; I loved the 5 a.m. meeting with the young babies because of the quiet and stillness. I love quiet and stillness.

  2. So, while you are up late and it’s quiet, why don’t you take a photo of the WHOLE quilt and stop teasing us!? 🙂

  3. i really love that quiet feeling. i find it better waking up at about three or four in the morning though, but it is such a huge struggle doing that at the moment because i know it will be pitch black for hours and also freezing was 4 degrees this morning when i woke up!

  4. i know *exactly* how you feel about the late nights. i am a bit jealous, though, as it seems like you actually get something accomplished!

  5. It looks so beautiful!

  6. Sounds delightful, looks delightful – I’d be like a bus crash the next day!

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