Spatially Challenged

This afternoon as I sat in the car waiting for Philip to finish his art lesson I spent fifteen minutes trying to move that blue block through the gate to solve this puzzle.

In the ten minutes it took to drive home Pip solved this puzzle and seven others like it.

I don’t think I like him any more…


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25 responses to “Spatially Challenged

  1. No – so NOT likeable!!

  2. Oooh, that looks like fun, what hame is it?

  3. Yes, but can he pack enough socks to go to Melbourne, hmm?

  4. It must be a spatial thing because I could see the solution too… hope you still like me???

  5. Was his success accompanied by a rolling of the eyes in a superior fashion ?

  6. A while back I had a major addiction to a game that looked very similar, called Blocked! I’m now addicted to Geared…

    I’m loving that I’m ahead of No2 in both 🙂

  7. Yeah but can he make quilts that take people’s breath away…can he? Huh? Huh?

  8. Oh what Aunty said. Wouldn’t you know she’d be a great smack talker! 😀

    I hate those slide puzzle things. Probably because I sucked at geometry.

  9. I don’t like my husband either when these puzzles are around.

  10. Rhu

    I am one of those that loves those types of puzzles. (Hmm, too many ‘those’ in that sentence)and will sit there for ages. But no matter how fast I am, TFM is faster.

  11. I can’t do those type of puzzles. And I don’t like people who can!


  12. Heh, heh – I was addicted to that on Geoff’s iPhone for a while. I managed to break the addiction but I recently saw that he’s transferred it to his iPad. I haven’t let myself open the puzzle up. Yet….

  13. h&b

    ooh, I think I got it too, but I will have to recontruct out of paper to see if i’m right as I don’t have no new-fangled i-phone..

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