Lady Beetles/ Birds/ Bugs

Apparently these little fellows have many aliases!

Yep, I did add those great big lady beetles to my quilt.

Right now I absolutely adore this quilt!

I loved Margaret’s idea for embroidery.  My friend Flo often adds a row of large hand stitches in perle thread close to the seam line. This always makes an amazing difference to a white background. I immediately saw how much this quilt would benefit from a row of red stitches. Alas, my time constraints and skill set will not allow me to do this.

I have, however, been inspired to think of another solution. Watch this space…


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11 responses to “Lady Beetles/ Birds/ Bugs

  1. OMG, Tracey, your skill will definitely allow for this. If I can do it I know you can stitch circles around me! Now the time I can’t help you with….

  2. You should check out the new Sashiko machine from Babylock – it only costs $3895 to do a hand stitched look machine stitch – that’s all it does!!!

  3. French knot eyes and antennae ends are so tempting! I think handstitching the antennae would be so interesting and add texture!

  4. i love this quilt so very much. it’s red, and spotty, can things get much better? i can’t wait to see it finished.

  5. They look like they are just about to fly to a new perch. Love them.

  6. Oh it is beautiful Tracey – I’m looking forward to spotting (sic) the end product.

  7. OH my, what a beautiful quilt.

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