Nine Patches

Nine little patches of fabric stitched together make this block.

Beautiful lady beetle fabric…

matched with patches of white.

Stitch them all together and

a quilt appears.

It’s still missing something though…


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19 responses to “Nine Patches

  1. I am going through a hand embroidery stage at the moment, the top stitch seems to fill the void in a quilt quite nicely.

  2. Some BIG ladybugs! I love that fabric with the mini lady-bugs, delicious.

  3. Peta

    Hey you need to change your hello and welcome bit. Now you’re the parent of “teen” and “twenty-something” 🙂

  4. Ladybugs, it’s missing Ladybugs. Can’t wait to see this quilt finished.

  5. My youngest would adore this Tracey. I think more ladybirds are coming…..

  6. M

    Yep, I’m with the others – a BIG ladybug. Or if you want to change the dynamic completely, something that EATS ladybugs. Sorry, that was the G&T talking.

    • Lady beetles, for all their gentle appearance, are actually the carnivores of the bug world. They devour aphids and are red because they taste so bad they don’t need to camouflage. Sorry, that was my inner-nerd talking…

  7. Rhu

    There is something so enticing about ladybugs, isn’t there?

  8. Drumroll…. here come the ladybug appliques!!

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