Two Decades

This week the beautiful Ashleigh turned twenty.

We have known her for two decades, but adored her for longer than that. How lucky we are to have her in our family.

Happy birthday darling Ashy.


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25 responses to “Two Decades

  1. What a beauty she is! Hope you all had a fab day together.

  2. Happy Birthday lovely Ashleigh. Have a wonderful year – may all your dreams come true.

  3. Ditto to what everyone else said!

    Happy birthday!

  4. Ahhhh …. how lovely and happy birthday!

  5. Look at that lovely young lady you made! And your beautiful son too. You and Pete make extra good children.

  6. Grandma

    Beautiful outside and inside.

  7. Happy Birthday Ashleigh… beautiful indeed!

  8. M

    Twenty? already? Happy Birthday!

  9. What a gorgeous girl – Happy Birthday Ashleigh!!

  10. I like what Grandma wrote and I bet she is right. Happy Birthday Ashy.

  11. You are at such a great time in your life! Happy birthday, Ashleigh!

    (PS: That cake looks great too!)

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