Today we took an hour and a half train journey to Ballarat.

We met with the lovely Jodie, who first took us fabric shopping then took us to eat a cupcake for morning tea. (I fully intended to take a photo of my cupcake, but I ate it.)

We visited Sovereign Hill, the historical gold village…

where Pip suddenly realised that he needed a top hat…

and became a wanted man.

Who wouldn’t want a skinny fellow with flowing locks in a top hat?


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6 responses to “Ballarat

  1. I knew he would look very debonair in that top hat. Thanks for a great morning – I hope we get to do it again !
    I spent the afternoon with noisy boys and photoshop elements …grrrrrr

  2. Hmmm… He looks like a real outlaw. Better watch him…

  3. Are you still there?? I’ve been and come home already – had a fab time – saw West Side Story and Hairspray – was looking for you but ….. well…. it’s a BIG city!!

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