At the Zoo

We love a zoo visit when we’re on holidays.

The butterfly house (which was tropically warm and felt like home) where…

Pip was found to be particulary attractive to butterflies now that we bought new socks for him. (A week after we had been here he mentioned that he had only brought one pair with him and had been wearing them each day.)

The new baby elephant…

didn’t wander too far from mum and aunty. He constantly ran to lean against them and to rub them with his trunk.

The giraffe decided that the grass was greener on the other side…

and made a huge effort to stretch and eat the garden beds instead of the food provided.

We managed to dodge showers of rain and see a few patches of blue sky. It was a very good day.


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8 responses to “At the Zoo

  1. Rhu

    I love butterfly houses!

  2. Pip is as pretty as a baby elephant.

  3. Grandma

    Lovely photos. The butterfly magnet with the clean socks is particularly beautiful.

  4. It seems that you managed to get quite close to the animals! The baby elephant is so sweet! I chuckled when I read about Pip! He’s such a boy!

  5. That butterfly house freaks me out.

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