Busy, Busy, Busy, Stop

In dot point we have

  • walked to the Fitzroy Gardens
  • seen the fairy tree
  • walked around the MCG
  • avoided the museum of sport (what!?)
  • walked to Federation Square
  • eaten crepes in a tiny restaurant in a laneway
  • walked the length of the city
  • eaten a meal with the lovely Stomper/ Fixit family
  • walked to the music store two more times since the guitar was purchased
  • bought tickets to see Hairspray
  • walked around the Royal Melbourne Show
  • eaten a dimsim and spring roll which were the yummiest ever
  • walked to Victoria markets
  • cooked and eaten hand-made ravioli
  • walked the whole of Lonsdale Street
  • done some outlet shopping
  • walked to trains/ trams
  • caught a train filled with Collingwood supporter with full face-paint and very large flags
  • walked back to the Fitzroy gardens around a massive crowd waiting for the Grand Final Parade
  • eaten lunch with some lovely bloggers

and after all of that walking???My right hip and I had a disagreement and I spent almost a day and a half in bed/ on the couch taking panadol and reading two trashy novels.

Tomorrow we’ll be off again walking around the city – perhaps just a little slower than before.


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15 responses to “Busy, Busy, Busy, Stop

  1. What a bummer! Hope you are out of pain now. So lovely to see you this week.

  2. Oh dear – maybe it was the “dancing with frogs” that put your hip out ….. It’s exciting reading your updates – I’m going next week …. have I already told you that???? I’d love to hear about HAIRSPRAY!

  3. Melbourne always causes me pain too.

    Something about all that rain and mad arsed drivers…

  4. dancingwithfrogs

    Hey Handmade, don’t blame ME!!!!!

    Why don’t you try roller skates next time? Or a skate board? Now that’ll do the trick… you’ll get where you want to go faster and with less wear and tear on the hip.

    (What do you mean it’s a terrible idea????)

  5. Oooooo trashy novels!!

    Your injury is do to your slow walking speed. 😀

    Sounds like you are having a fine time!

  6. Great time! Lots done too! Hope you recuperate quickly ~ no doubt the trashy novels will be the right medicine!

  7. M

    Stop. You’re making me envious. *love melbourne* Did you go to see the Magic Pudding Sculpture at the Children’s Garden in the Royal Botanic Gardens. Just asking. Didn’t see it on your list. May have a specific connection to that sculpture.

  8. Rhu

    How divine. The holidays sound like they are doing you good, with the exception of the ouch factor.

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