City Walk

Today on our first day in Melbourne we walked more than just a kilometre or two around the city. It’s a great city for walking, even though the air was chilling our noses with every breath!

The day was quite grey and cloudy, but as we walked along near the College of Surgeons Pip urgently asked to stop. He had noticed that a break in the clouds had caused a shaft of sunlight to shine down upon these buildings…

and he desperately wanted to take a photo.

Later he found it incredible that a shopping centre was built around a building…

and again had to stop for a photo.

Man, I adore this kid and his sensitive soul. The whole world is a source of wonder to him.

Just as life should be…


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18 responses to “City Walk

  1. Wow! That skyscraper, in the first photo, looks like a quilt begging you to make it!

  2. I remember that building in the second photo made me dizzy to look up at it..

    Bless pip..

  3. Gorgeous!
    Wonderful pictures…

  4. You realise that every post you do about Melbourne will make me awfully homesick…

  5. Keep up the Travelogue – I’m going next week!!

  6. I have not been to Melbourne in about 16 years – think it is high time I soon did!! Enjoy your family trip away. Post some pics of food – they always boast about the great food in Melbourne!!

  7. Have a wonderful holiday!!

  8. We all love Pip too! Happy travels!

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