Flying South

I was going to take a photo of our bags all packed and standing by the door, but I’ve already packed my camera.

In just a few minutes a taxi will arrive to take us to the airport and just before midnight we’ll land in Melbourne for a two week holiday. Pip is excited as this is his first trip away in three years that does not involve sugery.

Earlier this week I had my credit card cancelled due to my details being stolen and used fraudulently. Thankfully my Pete has been able to arrange for a new credit card to wait for us in Melbourne. Imagine holidaying without your money!

Ashy is receiving final instructions about the dishwasher and when to put the bin out, as she won’t be holidaying with us, although she does plan to spend a few days in Melbourne next week. She has other stuff to do while she is there, but we’ll see her on one of the days she’s there.

We’ve charged up our wireless internet and packed the laptop, so I’ll be back in a couple of days from chilly Melbourne. (hopefully with money…)


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8 responses to “Flying South

  1. Have an awesome trip!! Pip- so glad you’re going on a proper holiday!!!

  2. Have a brilliant trip!

  3. Bon voyage! Glad to read that Ashleigh is holding down the fort!

  4. Have a fantastic trip, Tracey. Can’t wait till you get back and we can hear all about it.

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