Spring’s Sweet Sonata

I gave you a sneaky look at the back of this quilt quite some time ago.

Today I can show you the front. AND I can show it to you on the front cover of the Quilters Companion magazine issue no 45.

It’s so lovely I’m going to show you again!

This quilt is called Spring’s Sweet Sonata and made of the most beautiful fabrics. This range is called Verna and was designed by the very clever Kate Spain. The colours are so clean and fresh. I was very pleased when I found out it would be published in the September issue because it gave me the opportunity to give the quilt a name which reflects  the colours of the fabrics and the feeling that this season gives me.

The whole quilt is covered in fantastic feathers. I love these too!

Can you see them all?

Let me give you a better look.

If you want to see more photos then you should pop by the Peppermint Patch Quilts facebook page.

Now… I’m off to lie on the couch and read a magazine.


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26 responses to “Spring’s Sweet Sonata

  1. It’s lovely Tracey – Congratulations!

  2. Congratulations Tracey! It’s a striking quilt so I can see why it made the front cover. Now all we need is a bit of Spring weather!!

  3. Congratulations it’s Beautiful…Gorgeous Quilting.

  4. Wow – I love your colors, design, the quilting, just everything! Congrats on being published, that is awesome!

  5. Beautiful!!! This is one of my favourites I think- the colours are gorgeous. You have absolutely nailed this fabric range.

  6. Beautiful! You absolutely deserve a rest!

  7. It is COMPLETE perfection!

  8. Enjoy reading your magazine! No doubt it will be a source of further inspiration/publication for you!

  9. Those colours and prints give the most amazing texture – not to mention the feathers – couch? what couch? you’ve got an exhibition to prepare for – back to the sewing machine – NOW!!

  10. These colors are fabulous!

  11. woohoo!!!!!!!!!! Fantastic!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Oh my god, you really are a super star. And a cover girl. Congrats.

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