A Few Points…

of various importance.

  • last night it was still 25 degrees Celcius when we went to bed. Winter is officially OVER!
  • the adjudicator at the Eisteddfod rang the bell in middle of Pip’s guitar ensemble performance, claiming that he couldn’t hear and asking them to play a little louder.
  • Pip’s ensemble group did not win their section in the Eisteddfod.
  • I have begun organising an exhibition of my quilts to be held later this year
  • of course I believe that I need to make at least seven more quilts prior to my exhibitition
  • I have not been to bed before midnight for two weeks due to self-imposed deadlines
  • someone left the fridge door ajar last night
  • someone caused the toilet to leak
  • Pip is the only one of our children at home so all things are his fault
  • we have begun to pack our bags for a two week holiday in Melbourne
  • five more sleeps until we catch our flight south
  • Pip has decided that he would like to buy a guitar while we are away
  • I am making chicken thigh fillets cooked in orange juice and wholeseed mustard for dinner
  • one of the oranges that I juiced yielded almost 200ml of juice

That’s a whole lot of juice!


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18 responses to “A Few Points…

  1. Ooh how exciting, an exhibition – but seven more quilts and you won’t get to bed before midnight for a very long time. At least you have a holiday to enjoy! Oranges have been really lovely this year!

  2. The chicken sounds good… what are you having with it. I’m always looking for inspiration in the kitchen.

    Tried out those macarons today…. a bit tricky… will have another go tomorrow and bring them to pompom if they are any good.

    • I got the recipe from that magazine you had once. It has orange juice, wholeseed mustard and a splash of maple syrup. We just have salad with it, but I like to have little squares of roast pumpkin in my salad.

  3. Wow, a quilt exhibition! Awesome. Can’t wait to see you in Melbourne.

  4. So lucky to be trekking to Melbourne.
    And the exhibition is a truly fab idea. Wish I could see it!

  5. Strange that whilst you are south I will be north..

    And I will be googling that chicken recipe!

  6. Wow, an exhibition of your work sounds so exciting! Good luck with the 7+ quilts you’ll be making!

  7. some adjudicators have no appreciation. i hope the whole experience was strength building for pip- which i can’t say about some of my dodgy eistedford performances.

    that sounds pretty gourmet. i was just thinking about how good it would be to make your baked pineapple dish the other day when the brits over the weekend were wondering whether pineapples grew on trees.

  8. Abbreviated yet substantial. Go Girl!

  9. Boo the adjudicator (I had to scroll back up to see how to spell that – wine might be kicking in ab it now).

    That’s a lot of juice!

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