Jodie is Loooovely!

Look at this lovely lot…

Jodie sent it to me, just because she’s lovely.

I won a competition that I didn’t even enter. Jodie said that a calendar was the prize – a calendar in which she is published!  See her February project up there? She sent me more than just a calendar – patterns for her clever creations were in the little package of goodness.

Thanks Jodie, you are lovely.


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14 responses to “Jodie is Loooovely!

  1. LUCKY you! Her patterns are just fantastic. Must say I am just a little bit jealous 🙂

  2. I own a couple of the kinder girls. Make them make them!!!

  3. That is soooo Jodie – bless her!!

  4. ah shut-up the lot of you. I am a cranky old dragon, don’t go wrecking my ogre-like reputation…

  5. Yeah – I think Jodie is right – not lovely AT ALL!!!

  6. Crystal

    Do I spy a hedgehog stuffy pattern? I LOVE hedgehogs, can you give me more info on that one? They look so adorable.

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