My Prince

Do you think that if I kissed this ambitious little guy chasing an enormous dragonfly…

he might whisk me away to here.

I’m sure that’s where all Frog Princes would take their lady friends…


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11 responses to “My Prince

  1. *sigh* I wish I could go to Paris.

  2. If you repeat it frequently enough, Petey may get jealous of all your frogs and make your dream come true!

  3. I dunno… Paris could be a bit risky for someone who previously had legs ending in webbed feet. Do you think your prince may be a bit anxious in case he ended up sauteed in a garlic butter?

  4. oohhh Paris –

    There is nothing else to say..

  5. but wait a moment…didn’t YOU go to Paris? Are you suggesting that Pete is your Frog Prince?

  6. Grandma

    I will be there tomorrow on a very fast train. No frogs involved as far as I can remember, but that quilt surely is beautiful.

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