Lucky, times one million

For the past five months I have been doing some consultancy work that involves, once a week, taking a fifteen minute flight on an eight-seater plane to a nearby island. Today as we took off the air was clean and clear. Imagine a sky so blue and an ocean so smooth and flat that you can’t quite see where one stops and the other begins. That was my vista this morning.

On the island the airport runway is bordered to one side with mangroves. A long wide expanse of glossy green leaves. This morning as we landed I could see thousands, literally thousands, of black and blue butterflies emerging out of the green mangroves into the impossibly blue sky.

After the plane had landed I stood outside the airport with my back to the sun and watched hundreds of butterflies fly over my head towards the northern side of the mountain. It was amazing. Sometimes they fluttered furiously, other times they spread their wings and floated on the air.

On the flight home I turned my gaze to the glassy ocean. As I watched the water broke and a large black shiny shape appeared momentarily, then slid back beneath the water. The whales are playing in the tropical waters for the winter.

Today I felt lucky. Lucky times one million. I only wish I had taken my camera…


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24 responses to “Lucky, times one million

  1. Beautiful Tracey. I too wish you had your camera but your description was just beautiful.

    Thanks for making me homesick. Yeah, thanks….

  2. You’ve painted glorious pictures with your words and that is enough..

  3. PS I wonder if they were Ulysses butterflies?

  4. I’m kinda glad you didn’t. Just reading that makes me homesick – I don’t need the images to make it worse.

  5. are you over at palm? best runway!

  6. How lovely!

    And if that isn’t inspiration for a quilt, I don’t know what is!

  7. Oh! Thank you for that – I felt as though I was there in Paradise with you.

  8. Wow! Lucky you. I have a new rule for you. Take your camera everywhere. I made that one for myself, but I just can’t seem to remember!

  9. Oh wow, Tracey, wow. Nothing can beat the sort of show that nature puts on.

  10. I started hyperventilating at the ‘eight-seater plane’…and had to take a moment before reading the rest of the post.

    But I’m glad I did!

  11. dito tanya!! truly one of the most beautiful spots on palm i reckon

  12. You just gave me goosepimples. What a sight that must have been.

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