IF I finish quilting feathers on a client quilt…

THEN I can play with appliqued birdies on my pond quilt.

Hurry up, me, hurry up!


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16 responses to “Bargaining

  1. I wish I was the client, that looks lovely!

  2. I am jaw on the floor at that stunning example of SELF CONTROL. Up for any crocheted end weaving in?

  3. That is one very cute bird. I can see why you’re getting impatient.

  4. Yummy feathers! I have to bargain with myself, too. Today, I’m continuing to pebble, and as a reward, I get to take breaks making a new (mini) quilt. I haven’t sewed in ages, it’s ridiculous.

  5. That little bird looks like he is waiting to take flight!

  6. Loving the pink red spots!

  7. Love the bird! I can hardly wait to see it on its project!

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