Beside Myself

It has arrived..

My birthday present from my indulgent husband.

Thanks, my darling.

I love it. (and you too)


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21 responses to “Beside Myself

  1. Ooh! Wow wow wow. Have you played scrabble on it yet?

  2. You will love it a little more every time you use it!

  3. Ooooh…you are one spoilt lady…but I can’t really blame him

  4. Ok, I know it’s not pretty, but I’m jealous!

  5. Lucky lucky lucky! Can’t wait to hear what you think of it …

  6. Oh yay for you!! Have fun!

  7. M

    OH I AM SOOOO GREEN. Have been playing on the iPads here that the tech heads have brought to the snow with them. Contemplating whether it could really substitute for my laptop when I travel for work…

  8. ARrrrrggggghhhh. Too jealous for words.

  9. What Fairlie said. I would love to have one! You’ll have to report on how awesome it is. I need to know how easy it is to download ebooks, how big is the font, are the graphics to die for? How many lists have you made so far?

    • I haven’t tried the ebooks yet, but I do know that you can make the font any size you like when you are reading one. I have more lists than you know. Luckily the app keeps a master list of my lists so I can keep track of myself.

  10. Oh happy belated birthday you lucky lucky girl! I’m so jealous!

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