Tools for Quilting

The most useful tool I know for designing my own quilts is the multi-function printer attached to my computer. I have no idea how I worked in the times before this printer.

After piecing together a quilt top I start to draw the applique shapes I want to use.

This one will be a pond quilt.

Once I’ve drawn my shapes I make a copy of each one, roughly cut them out and audition them on the quilt top.

If the shapes are the wrong size for the quilt I just copy them again using the resize function. These dragonflies are copied at 80% of the size of my original drawing.

It’s brilliant!


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20 responses to “Tools for Quilting

  1. I love that you audition them. Take your time dragonfly and….cue music!

    I especially like those dragonflies.

  2. I drive to office works with my pencils and liquid paper in my handbag – and my scissors…

    My next printer is a multi-function without a doubt.

  3. i can see already that is such a clever quilt!!

  4. Love all your process posts – great way to audition sizes of appliques.

  5. Amazing. I love the little bird. And the dragonfly. And the flowers. And the fabric. Stunning.

  6. Can’t wait to see this quilt. Love those Tweet Tweet fabrics.

  7. Fascinating stuff. I love that dragonfly.

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