This week

This happened…

  • my parents left to spend eight weeks in Europe
  • Ashy moved out of home to house-sit for my parents for eight weeks
  • Pip drew an amazing steam-punked self-portrait and began to write a story and create a world around it
  • the overnight temperatures went from 20 degrees one night to 7 degrees the next night
  • I made good use of the snuggie my sister bought me
  • I played an online scrabble game which resulted in a tie – two people with exactly the same score
  • more fabric arrived at my house
  • a case for the ipad my Pete bought me for my birthday arrived

This did not happen…

  • Ashy felt sad about leaving home for eight weeks
  • blogger let me comment using my wordpress ID (what is going on there!?)
  • I felt like getting out of bed on a chilly morning
  • the ipad my Pete bought me for my birthday arrived


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16 responses to “This week

  1. Woo-hoo! Welcome to the Apple club. Not that I have an iPad (yet), they are hideously expensive in the UAE (like $1500AUD at least!) so I shall wait. I hope your folks have a wonderful time in Europe and I’m sure Ashy will get the taste for living out of home and might not want to return. Lol. =)

  2. Sorry, I can’t help smiling at the iPad shipping! I spent quite a long time playing will lots of apple gadgets in my local apple store yesterday with the children….pretty cool but I married an anti apple guy…

  3. Did you put your arms in? Were you WEARING IT?!

  4. So my Ipad arrived but then the internet went down so I have not been able to play with it yet!

    Hopefully today.

  5. It’s exciting the first time you move out, especially when it’s a finite stay and not like forever. I hope that slow old ipad gets there soon so that your ipad cover can stop mocking you. Also my game feed announced Kirsten won that game even though you actually tied.

  6. I am sure that it feels like home from home for Ashy – just another place to be happy, work hard and have fun.

  7. Rhu

    I am excited for you with the iPad! Cool. I hinted at an ipad, but got a garden statue. Not that I minded 🙂

    I am beside you on the WP/Blogger comment war. I am so over that stupid error message, I’ve resported to using a blogger ID on some blogs until it’s resolved. Very inconvenient.

  8. ok, 7 degrees is pretty cold. intense cardi wearing weather. what new material are you expecting?

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