Great Big Elephants

My recent obsession with elephants continues.

The whole thing was actually fuelled by this beautiful blue elephant fabric. I didn’t want to cut it into small pieces and lose the effect of long lines of elephants walking across the fabric, so I designed this quilt to show them in their glory.

The grey elephants appliqued across the quilt just melt my heart.

Look at their sweet smiling faces…

as they walk one behind the other across the quilt.

This quilt has been listed for sale in my etsy store. I love the thought that someone small might love these elephants too.

You can see more photos on the Peppermint Patch Quilts facebook page.


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18 responses to “Great Big Elephants

  1. Nellyphants!!! Who doesn’t love nellyphants! Great quilt!

  2. WEll now I’ve got Hey-di, hey-di-ho, the great big elephant is so slow, stuck in my head, which fyi, which I sometimes use to explain a particular tap step called a Tack Annie. Elephants, they’re so useful.

    Lovely quilt Tracey.

  3. Very cute….the colours on your quilts make me think of singing on the bus while going on a school trip!

  4. If you compile a book with the birds, giraffes and elephants, perhaps you could call it the Jungle Book? Might have some copyright issues though. I LOVE this. The big elephants and the little tiny ones.

  5. Babar! I saw Babar! I love the smiles!

  6. What an absolutely adorable quilt!!!

  7. Loving those big, smiley Elephants! Perfect way to display the lovely fabric.

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