Melting, Melting

Last night I decided to make Lemon Delicious pudding for my Pete. I had bought the ingredients and mentally commited myself to making it when I re-read the recipe. It called for melted butter. At this moment I remembered that our microwave is being repaired.

For the first time in my married life I had to do this.

It felt like the olden days…


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23 responses to “Melting, Melting

  1. m

    I hope you continued the olden days theme and made the pudding without any newfangled machinery at all …

  2. You young people!
    I very rarely use my microwave – in fact, the only reason I have one is that it came built into the kitchen cabinets.

  3. HMMMM…old school butter!

  4. Was it worth the effort?

  5. I would have just done it in a small saucepan, I must be super old-fashioned.

    • I was boiling the water in the frypan already because I put the wire rack into it when I want to steam vegetables. And I wanted to steam vegetables. In this way I was being economical in my use of saucepans and saving washing up.

  6. lOL! I banished the microwave to the basement in the renovation! I’m a full-time cooktop user now!

  7. I agree with Stomper. Maybe we went to the same School of Culinary Arts? I would definitely have used a saucepan.

    (I’d probably also have forgotten about it, let it overheat and burnt the butter…but that’s a whole other story.)

  8. Me three on the saucepan! Maybe it’s a southern states thing? 🙂

  9. Me four on the saucepan but probably so I only had to wash one dish!

  10. Rhu

    I am in the saucepan club too. Old habits are hard to break!

  11. oh clever you! good for you for still making it even though the microwave was out of commission. I probably would have switched recipes at that point! LOL.

  12. I know what that’s like. My oven is currently not working. It only cooks on broil. Therefore, cooking cakes or anything that needs to browned on the bottom is a challenge. Because of this, I have new ways of cooking these types of things.

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