There’s a Bird on Me

Today I would like to share with you my new quilt design “There’s a Bird on Me.”

Inspired by a song featured on Sesame Street  remembered from my youth, this quilt has a small red bird on the back of each of the animals.

I’ve used a fabric range called Playday by Sei for Robert Kaufman. I adored the white fabric with little bluebirds from the first moment that I saw it. There is also an elephant fabric in the range which was the inspiration for my quilt, although I haven’t used it in this quilt.

I’ve listed the quilt pattern in my Etsy store. I have also started another page to this blog where I am keeping a list of all of the quilts that I make this year. I am attempting to be organised and productive!

Lastly I have made a video tour of this quilt. (I’m so pleased that we bought Pip that little video camera for his birthday!)

Listen out for a little nod to you, Melinda

More photos on the Peppermint Patch Quilts facebook page.


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27 responses to “There’s a Bird on Me

  1. Grandma

    Love the way the backgroung fabric makes it look like there are a number of blue birds (as well as the red bird) “on me”. Just like the Sesame Street clip.

  2. You have such superb colour/fabric choices! I hold up my “in the ditch” foot to you!

  3. I adore the little red birds AND the little blue birds!!

  4. EVERYTHING is perfect, the design, the fabric choices, the quilting…looks fantastic!!

  5. Is it because you said howdy at the start? Love the quilt, the blue bird fabric is divine.

  6. Loving those little blue birds! And that hippo!

  7. I have been adoring your entire “there a bird on me” theme from the pillows to this quilt. Great video too! I am going to check out this line of fabric because it is way cute. Thanks for sharing Tracey!

  8. Cute, cute, cute! You are absolutely talented!

  9. I heard it! And you used “ya’ll” in the correct plural form. Lovely quilt too by the way!

  10. Love it – the bird fabric is brilliant!

  11. this quilt pattern is adorable!

  12. I adore this quilt!!

  13. Uli

    That is so, so fabulous!

  14. Hi Racey,
    Quilt looks good. Inspired by the World Cup in Africa no doubt 🙂
    I’m thinking of creating my own animal inspired quilt once Flo lets me have a go on Husky (sewing machine)

    It will be a tribute to the rabbits on the Isle of Wight and their Rock and Roll heritage.


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