After working today…

I did

  • quilting on a client quilt
  • finalised illustrations for a new pattern
  • scanned the illustrations for a new pattern
  • ordered a purple cooking pot from a fabulous kitchenwares website
  • searched the house for Pip’s video camera
  • found Pip’s video camera under a towel on the table
  • made a video of a new quilt
  • realised I wasn’t happy with some photos of said quilt, but it was too dark to take more
  • answered the telephone seven times – everyone else just lets it ring

I did not

  • write a blog post about said quilt due to my disappointment in the quality of the photos
  • organise my lunch for work tomorrow
  • iron my clothes for tomorrow (or for any other day)
  • hang out the washing that Ashy had left in the machine
  • do the 20 mins of yoga that I vowed on Sunday to do every day for ever and ever

Now I’m going to bed unsure of whether I should feel like I accomplished anything…


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6 responses to “Tonight…

  1. Oh my goodness, you’ve just reminded me I have a yoga class tonight – I usually go on a Tuesday morning but haven’t managed it this week …

  2. meh, you acheived heaps. bloody phone interuptions, they’re the worst! i am loving the new elephant quilt and i’m really looking forward to seeing the bird on me variation. i am all psyched up to make another flappy ear elephant quilt, but it’s going to be modified with your suggestion to be a little more about balancing on strings xo

  3. Wow – you get so much done!!

  4. Oof! I left wet laundry downstairs!
    (I am far behind you re accomplishments.)

  5. You did all that after a full day’s work? I think you over-achieved then.

    I just had to rewash a load of laundry because I did not hang it out 2 days ago. In my defense I didn’t want to put clean wet laundry out on the line while they were demolishing the house next door because of all the dust and dirt. That’s my story anyway.

  6. Wow – you did a lot! I can’t wait to see your pictures! Is it still with the elephant theme, which I love!

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