On the Road

Pip is officially on the road.

We need to dust off those L-plates because he needs to log one hundred hours of supervised driving over the next twelve months.

Guess what my Pete is doing this weekend?


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16 responses to “On the Road

  1. Good luck! It’s 120 hours here. Our boy has lost interest.

  2. One hundred supervised hours? Oh that’s hard. I think it was only 24 when Lily went for her licence, and that was hard enough in Perth – we used to drive the length and breadth of the city to clock up enough hours.
    It’s okay for conscientious learners who have parents/friends/older people ready and willing to help them, but I reckon it would be very difficult not to fudge it if you were a youngster without a willing support crew.

  3. I don’t think we have an hour number? We didn’t when I was learning. Learner’s licenses were issued at 15 and you had to have one for a year before you could apply for a driver’s license. Good luck Pip (and Pete)! That seems like a lot of hours!

    • Even more complex – at least 10 of those hours have to be at night, every hour with a professional driving instructor is worth three to a mazimum of 30 hours and all of the kilometres have to be logged too.

  4. I’m sure when the hard slog is over it will be very handy to have another driver at home. Have fun!

  5. Grandma

    Nice photo, Pip. Unusually good for a licence photo.

  6. yay for pip! congratulations. good on pete. it really is such a slog

  7. Yes, well good luck with that. One of my daughters’ talents is not passing driving tests. One of them passed after several tries, the other seems to have given up. Son – much quicker. Supervising learners lasted a long time in our lives – and may start again if Daughter 1 takes it up again. Urgh.

  8. Miss H is working on her’s too she needs 60 hours! It makes me nervous!

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