A New Generation

Recently I found a blog called Rossie. The author of this blog has asked crafters to take a Process Pledge – to share the way that they design and work with their blog readers. I think this is a fabulous idea. (that’s because I think the whole world should be filled with crafters)

Generally I think I do this. I’ve shown my drawn designs before they become quilts, I’ve shown the elements I’ve used to create an applique design,  I’ve shown quilts which have failed to meet my expectations, I’ve even made a video discussing the concept behind a quilt. I will endeavour to continue to share my processes as I make new quilts.

Yesterday I shared my processes to my nearly nine year old niece, Chelsea. She drew up a design and chose fabrics that she liked. I showed her how to turn her drawing into a pattern and gave her all the materials she would need, then let her loose on my sewing machine.

She was the picture of concentration as she learnt new skills…

and even though her foot could only just reach the pedal…

she was so happy with her test piece…

that she decided to move onto stitching her design.

Now she has a beautiful new cushion for her bed…

and a desire to continue to sew.

She thinks she might ask her parents for a sewing machine for her birthday in August.


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21 responses to “A New Generation

  1. Gandma

    Chelsea also found the pleasure in spending the day with girls and sewing, chatting, lunching. Sorry you missed it Kirsty.

    It was also a pleasure to watch you teach. Chelsea had never touched a sewing machine before, but by the end of the day could draw her own design, choose fabrics, raw edge applique, straight sew, and make a finished item. A joy to watch.

  2. How could she not be inspired with you as a teacher – and what a beautiful result!

  3. Chelsea that is an awesome cushion. You are clearly an excellent student with a fabulous teacher.

  4. Fantastic! And isn’t she gorgeous!!

  5. What a wonderful auntie you are!

  6. Love it! I bet you could even teach ME how to sew! Love the concentrating. That is a fabulous photo.

  7. Ok, spooky lady who shares my name… I just posted about the very same post!

    My nieces love to play in my workroom – a bit too enthusiastically sometimes. Jasmine wants me to buy her a sewing machine for her birthday in September.

    Your niece is gorgeous! As is her cushion.

  8. Please can you adopt me as your niece?

  9. How wonderful! I love seeing the littlies sewing!!!

  10. modernjax

    I think she’s better than I am! She definitely has better hair!!

  11. i think that the documenting process side of things is a great idea. it adds a richness to the finished product seeing that process. i wish there were more people that talked about making their wedding dresses, that would have been very handy.

  12. FABULOUS stuff, Auntie! If I saw even a flicker of interest in anyone even remotely related I’d be over the moon! But they’re all still busy coming to terms with the constant ‘nana’ knitting at family get togethers…

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