The Great Big Elephant is so Slow

Following my whine and moan I am feeling MUCH better.

My vim has returned and my glass has been refreshed to half full.

As the last few days of holidays approach I find myself desperately trying to do the fifty things remaining on my list.

If I’m truthful I will admit that the list was too long. I always believe that I’m superwoman when creating my start of the holidays list.

I have managed to make an elephant cushion. A lovely elephant cushion.

I made it just for YOU.

You can find a free pattern to make your own elephant cushion right here. There’s a link on my sidebar too.

I hope you’ll love your elephant as much as we love ours.

More photos here.


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21 responses to “The Great Big Elephant is so Slow

  1. What a cute applique pattern! The elephant fabric is gorgeous. Enjoy the rest of your holidays – they always go way too fast.

  2. What a cute elephant cushion. I am going to have to make one for my daughter!!!

    Re: Silk Bat -I think you will really love it! πŸ™‚

  3. So so so so wonderful! I wish I could sew 1/10th as well as you!

  4. I love this pillow — Thank you so much for sharing this free pattern. btw – cute pattern with the graphic art.

  5. My lists are always waaaaay too long too!

    And they never contain anything as exciting as making an elephant cushion! Great job – it’s lovely.

  6. Hey-dee, Hey-dee-ho, the great big elephant is so slow…..

    Your title took me back. My Dad used to sing it to my little sister to get her to sleep, and although I don’t remember it, he used to sing it to me, lots (as a baby that is)! I was his “possum” because I never slept at night.

    You elephant is lovely – and of course you probably free motion sewed it. I can do the raw edge applique only if I follow the edge by turning the whole thing around as I go.

    You should send an email to Kathreen at Whip Up – she might post it up for you.

  7. Grandma

    The cushion is as lovely in real life as it is in the photo, but, oh, it made my heart sing to see how lovely your little chair photographs. Grandad (my father) made it for you when you were two from silky oak and it is still strong, useful and beautiful – actually, just like you.

  8. Too cute for words. Glad your glass is half full… my wine glass is sadly empty…

  9. Oooh, such lovelinesses (I’m catching up with a few posts). Wonderful to hear your voice with its sweet accent (I have no accent, of course). And Pip. And I especially love the pink flowery quilt. And the amazing jungly-sounding birds singing away.

    Belated happy birthday to Pip, who is almost my twin, give or take forty-four years and two days.

  10. Love this, Tracey. I’m glad your glass is again half full. πŸ™‚

  11. I love elephants – this is so eye catching and cute, well done and thank you for sharing

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