Sixteen Years

That is how long Pip has been here.

Today is his sixteenth birthday.

We bought him this…

and used it to make this, showing his other birthday present.

In that last few seconds I was being arty and panning out. He was being bossy and assuming I didn’t know how to use the camera.


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24 responses to “Sixteen Years

  1. Grandma

    Just beautiful, Pip.

  2. Happy , happy Birthday..long fingered Pip! ( so glad the eye is better for your special day.)

    Those were pretty neatly bound edges!

  3. aunty evil

    Happy birthday!! Cute gadget!

  4. Happy Birthday Pip – may this year bring good things.

  5. Happy birthday Pip.

  6. Awwww – gorgeous! Hope you all have a brilliant day together.
    Just popped over here from our Scrabble game.
    I hope you start to feel better soon, too, Tracey.

  7. Happy day, Pip!

    (oh, that very subtle look of a 16 year old experiencing mild disdain…)

    Cake for everyone!

  8. You had no idea how to turn it off, did you?

    Happy Birthday Pip.

  9. Ah, happy birthday. Getting all grown up there!

  10. Rhu

    Ahhhh Happy BD Pip. I am glad you could use both eyes, both hands and have no damaged bits to celebrate your day.

    Tracey “I knew nothing until I had kids to tell me” Hahahaha, oh I love this pearler!~

  11. That last shot of him staring at you is fantastic. I vote you use it as the album cover for his CD. Happy Birthday Pip.

  12. Happy bday, Pip! Glad to read that you are all recovered and enjoyed your day! Good luck getting your learner’s license!

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