Playing Favourites

Alice recently wrote a post to prepare for her blogging anniversary. She nominated her favourite post amongst the almost one thousand that she has written.

She also posed the question to all bloggers asking them to identify their own favourite post.

She told me that her favourite post on Peppermint Patcher blog is this one. This was a great weekend, and to those outside Australia it must have a touch of the exotic.

I don’t know if I have favourites, but there are two posts which cause me to immediately identify with a feeling/ emotion which I often read to myself.

This first is this one – the feeling is utter, overwhelming excitement expressed through something ridiculously trite which made us unbelievably happy.

The second is this one – the feeling is exasperation to the point of hilarity in a “this can’t be happening to me, I don’t live in a Monty Python sketch!” kind of way.

I’m so glad that I take the time to record my life. Our history books are filled with the lives of very important people. People who we are supposed to consider significant. I’m certain that there were people living very interesting, very challenging, very insignificant lives alongside those people who were equally as engaging. I hope that blogging captures that for this generation. I hope that blogging creates a history of the everyday that speaks for itself.

Blog on, people!


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26 responses to “Playing Favourites

  1. Hmmm… my favorite Peppermint Patcher post. I’d have to go through the archives to find one because so many are engaging! But the ones that come so quickly to mind are your posts announcing and following Pip’s chest surgery. I recall how emotional they were and how relieved I felt knowing that he was on the mend.

  2. You know, even though I read it at the time, I am still reeling a† Pip’s list of injuries. Still I suppose he’s made you ready for anything.

    I seriously don’t think I could pull out a favourite post from my own blog but I’m so glad I have it as a record of our life. Sometimes I’ll go back to the same month, one year ago and 2 years ago, just to see where we were at. It’s a nice thing to do, like looking through a photo album, but with lots of lovely comments from my friends as well.

  3. I’m always amazed at how Pip just seems to go with the flow, injured or not. Very resilient fellow.

    Like Stomper Girl, I’d have a hard time picking a favorite of my own. I view blogging as a modern diary/journal. But with the excitement of sharing and getting feedback, encouragement, sympathy, or laughter in return.

    • That is his greatest stength – he just NEVER gets frazzled. I’ve seen him angry a few times, but only over injustice. He can’t abide the unjust.

      I think blogging reflect the human condition – feedback, encouragement, sympathy, or laughter included.

  4. I agree entirely with your sentiments about blogging. I remember the post about Pip well, wincing at the never ending list of ailments and accidents.

  5. I remember that post about Pip. I cried as I read it and I’ve just read it again and got teary again.

    What that boy has put you through!

  6. “There’s One in Every Family” is my absolute favourite!!! Glad you revisited it!

  7. When I re read some of my old posts, I am often surprised. Could this be because I am losing my marbles? Or is it just that I forget most of the actual posts.
    The one about Pip did not include the Ribcage season.

  8. I remember all three of those posts!

    And loved re reading them!

  9. aunty evil

    I started reading this post of yours, then wandered off to follow the links you provided and got all caught up in the stories again. I love the photos of Philip at each stage of his injury, and I am amazed just what a happy kid he looked, even the one in the hospital with his arm in plaster.

    Anyway, then I remembered what I came here for, and so I wandered back to this post half an hour after I started it!

  10. I enjoyed re-reading those three posts. I especially remember the Ashy Eiffel Tower effort. =)

    At times when I think I just might give blogging away I look at my blog and think no, I can’t it is history of ‘just stuff’ that happens to me and my little family. I don’t think I can ever part!

  11. Just found your blog and I love it. I love the pictures of your work – its beautiful. I love that you had a recent blog entitled ‘Meh!’. I use this word with my (also not visibly psychologically scarred) teenagers all the time. I thought they had made it up at first, but then I started seeing everywhere, including your blog.

  12. I loved reading these posts when you wrote them too. Sometimes I think I want to stop blogging – however like Melody says “it is history of just stuff that happens to my family” – i think this is a great way to look at blogging!!

  13. “A touch of the exotic” – no, I wouldn’t use that word of Australia. I think of China, Japan etc as exotic. But it certainly looks very unBritish – a bit alarming, actually, though beautiful – all that vegetation and the strange beastie in the water.

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