Simple Grace

My mum has been on holidays. While she was away she decided to buy a quilting magazine to read.

When she read the contents page she was surprised to see what was on page 16.

This is a republication of a quilt I made for Quilters Companion in 2006.

I love the way the leaves at the base of each tulip form a circle when they meet.

It goes without saying that my mother showed it to every person she met on her holiday…


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16 responses to “Simple Grace

  1. Wow! Did you know it was going to be in there?

    I love those circles too – they were the first thing I noticed, so I was pleased when you I read on and you commented on it!

  2. Obviously only I read on…you had nothing to do with it..somehow you managed to muscle in between when and I to create a totally unreadable sentence!

  3. What a lovely surprise for your (rightly so) PROUD mum!

  4. aunty evil

    Oh I am so in love with that quilt! Very proud of you you know.

    And guess what else? I feel like I know all these famous people now, because I have a current subscription to Home Beautiful (thanks to Optus) and I was browsing through it and at the end of one of them it had a list of craft retailers and there was Pompom Rouge! Cool…

    • OH! I didn’t know that. I’ll have to go and buy a copy.

      • aunty evil

        I think it’s on the last page, just a list of retailers and their addresses, about 10 in all I think. But let me check which edition it was, cos I was actually catching up on my reading so I had two of them going at the time.

  5. It is rather beautiful and isn’t nice that your mum is so proud?

  6. Well, she has every right to be proud of you….That quilt is gorgeous!

  7. Well done you! Well done Mum… very proud.

    PS. I have been meaning to say I don’t like my little icon by my name, very much…not my colour at all!

  8. I would have done the same as your Mum. That pattern is gorgeous! I love the colors and the design. Simple Grace is the perfect name for it.

  9. I’ll bet she’s busting-her-buttons proud. I know I would be.

  10. Grandma

    I’m home now so I can carry the magazine around with me.

  11. Yeah, my grandmother was the same way when I represented young criminal offenders. She was so proud to point out that I represented those kids (& probably somehow managed to incorporate some words about how awful it was that I represented them).

    It always is heartwarming to make your family proud!

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