A Quilted Garden

A client recently bought me an enormous hand-dyed piece of fabric and asked me to create a quilted garden for her.

I popped in some variegated thread..

then let my mind imagine and hands follow.

It was a pure joy…

from first stitch until last.


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16 responses to “A Quilted Garden

  1. What a great project. You made a beautiful garden.

  2. Uli

    Ooh, lovely. I can see why that would have been such fun.

  3. Wow – looks fab! I love variegated thread!

  4. What a fabulous idea – and result!

  5. oh, wow…that’s beautiful.

  6. What fun! That raspberry colored fabric is lovely too.

  7. I often check your quilting blog but rarely leave a comment. But this time I want to ask…. do you mark out the pattern on the fabric before you start machining (it IS machine stiches, right?) or just let your imagination run away with you as you go?

    • I have used an APQS Millennium long arm machine which is stitch regulated. I didn’t mark anything on this quilt. I just drew what I wanted. Sometimes, if I need to replicate a particular feather over and over, I’ll mark using a chalk wheel. I don’t draw out the whole shape though – just the spine so that the angle is the same each time.

  8. Great quilting and no weeds!

  9. My goodness, you have such patience!

  10. Tracey.

    I have been more than patient with you. Really I have.

    You make some beautiful things, quite breathtaking at times and this time is no different.


    I have asked you on a number of occasions to let me drop some fabric on you to work with and each time you have (politely) said no.

    So how come this person gets this work of art, and I get nothing?

    It couldn’t be because this fabric is lovely and flat and crying out for love, whereas my shirts, undies and other assorted clothing just needs ironing. Surely not? Are you that shallow?

    • Ummm… because she paid me lots of money. My skills are worth a lot of money, you know.

      PS all of my clothes need ironing too. Thank goodness for winter and the ability to wear non-ironed knits.

  11. redslippers

    simply beautiful!

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