Funky Quilting

Today is a happy day.

I have met my other demands and managed to find some time to start quilting Funky Flowers.

The quilting is always my favourite part of making a quilt.

It’s making me love this quilt just a little more.


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14 responses to “Funky Quilting

  1. Every time I see it , I love it a little more.

    It is so lovely Tracey – you should be so proud.

  2. I love red, green and white together.
    Can’t wait to see the finished quilt!

  3. Such a beautiful quilt! Those flowers are delicate!

  4. It does look gorgeous, the other commenters know what they are talking about!

  5. This is one of my favourites! I love the colours & the flowers are the icing on the cake!

  6. I need to take a leaf out of your book. I mean about deciding all the demands have been met and hopping to the crafting. Especially if it results in such EXQUISITE quiltery!

  7. Love those color combinations. Such happy hues.

  8. Oh yes, I love these colours too. I was watching DAncing With Frogs machine quilt over the weekend, I can see why you love doing it, such a nice swirly almost hypnotic thing to do.

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