He Will Fly

How my son looks:

How my son sees himself:

That’s a healthy self-esteem…


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14 responses to “He Will Fly

  1. I feel like I have Pip junior in the house at the moment – Will is adoring art at school and absolutely flying with his guitar – it makes me so so happy!

  2. … and a sure sign that you’ve done a great job as his mother!

  3. That’s utterly fabulous self esteem for a boy his age. Job well done!

  4. Totally awesome.

    Nothing is quite so beautiful as a self-confident person.

  5. NoNo! this is MY son! You have kidnapped my son! Give him back!!!! haha … I was looking at this, and J said “that’s me!” … xxx

  6. That’s what I want for my girls when they are teens too, healthy self-esteem! Good job PP & Petey!

  7. Doing the thing you love makes you feel like you can fly. FAntastic.

  8. A huge pat on your back – your son is fabulous!

  9. that took my breath away…so beautiful

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