Just a couple of days ago I was having a think. I suddenly found myself with the perfect design concept for the new fabric that I bought. I drew up my plan and was ready to go.

First I found that I had less fabric than I needed. I modified my design to be smaller.

Next I found that I had less green than I needed. I modified my design to be browner.

Suddenly I found that the finished quilt was not the one I wanted at all…

This is not where I had wanted my frogs, fish and dragonflies to live.

The whole thing makes me feel… meh.

What will I do now?

My options are to unpick and salvage fabric OR buy more fabric and start again.

Is there a lesson to be learnt? Should I be a little less impulsive when an idea strikes. Should I try to develop the idea and plan better before I cut into fabric? Perhaps I should, but that’s not likely to happen. My impusivity success rate is pretty good. Most times I’m happy with what I make on a whim. Besides which, I need a few failures to remind me to be happy when I do manage to make a quilt that pleases me.

This quilt is now destined to be part of the backing for the quilt I originally wanted to make.

I hope the package of new fabric in the mail doesn’t take too long to get here…

You knew I wasn’t going to unpick, didn’t you?


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27 responses to “Meh…

  1. kirsten duncan

    Meh happens.

  2. Can’t you just slap a big applique on it ??

  3. Now if you’d only had me beside you with my anti-brown bias, I could have helped you! I would have said No More Brown Tracey! But then I probably would have recommended some purple for you and I’m not sure that would have worked to your advantage.

  4. Oh Dear. Where have I heard meh…quite recently and close at hand? As Kirsten said meh does happen.
    Put it behind you or more exactly behind the quilt top and move right along. I think it’s okay to sometimes not like what we have just done ( better be )….cause I’m still quilting mine!

  5. “My impusivity success rate is pretty good.”

    Sure seems to be. Bad luck. Move on, and chalk it up to experimentation.

    I think it will make a lovely backing.

  6. I’m glad you didn’t rip it apart because there’s someone who has to adore browns and this would fit the bill!

    I encourage you (altho I’m sure that Petey may feel otherwise) to continue with your impulses and dash into that fabric! Contrast to me who adores the fabric but hesitates hurting the fabric or is otherwise apprehensive to make wrong decisions with the fabric. Being fearful of mistakes results in having a lot of stash on hand with no projects to show for the stash!

  7. m

    Instead it will be a most worthy backing. There was never going to be unpicking. That is the devil’s work.

  8. Meh. Still – at least now you have the backing!

  9. Photograph it, then Photoshop it and have a look at it with some other colour in place of that brown.
    I think that is where the problem lies. I absolutely love browns, but it’s not working in this otherwise lovely design. It’s too earthbound for the airy/aquatic theme you’ve got going on.
    Not too much unpicking that way, either.

  10. Love the first comment…Meh happens…because it does…I’ve got a quilt to unpick right now too…luckily it’s just the sashing I need to change out…but I’m not looking forward to the job!

  11. I would not have unpicked it either! Not that I would have known how to anyway. I would have been adding more green, which would have overwhelmed as much as Stomper Girl’s purple.

  12. And just goes to show how diverse your readers are.

    Stomper would have said no more brown, use this purple.

    Melinda would have said more green, steady on the purple.

    I would have said no green, how about some pink?

    Nice to know you are human though! 🙂

  13. modernjax

    Give it to someone you feel “meh” about! 😉

  14. I’ve had this happen before. It looks SOOOOO much better in your head than it does in real life, doesn’t it? But sometimes if you put it away and don’t look at it for a while, when you meet it again it’s a different story.

    Maybe this was a lesson on fine-tuning your mental picture?

    Good luck!

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  16. I bought this same fabric with high hopes and have ended up with “meh” as well. I’ve been making some large blocks for wall decor in my sewing room and fell in love with the fabric. Makes me think it isn’t us as all – it’s the fabric – yeah, that’s it!! 🙂

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