In Good Company

Have you seen the current issue of Quilters Companion magazine? If you have it you can turn to the very last page to find this…

Do you see my name there? Right beside Kellie’s name. I’m pretty happy to stand beside her in a “Next Issue” box…

Last  night I joined lots of lovely quilters at Pompom Rouge for a sewing all-nighter. Those girls were going to stitch until 1am! I wussed out at 9:30pm, but even before I left some gorgeous quilts had been created. I bet those girls rocked on well into the night. I hope they all were able to sleep in this morning.

Today I am going to the inagural meeting of the Townsville Australia Modern Quilt Guild. I’m very excited to once again be in good company as we establish our guild.

I wish you could come along too. There’ll be yummy afternoon tea…


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9 responses to “In Good Company

  1. You are getting very famous Ms. Peterson! Whoop-whoop!!

  2. Of course I meant PetersEn. Sorry ’bout that. I’m not sure who that Tracey Peterson is but I bet she’s not as talented as you.

  3. Okay , that is now on my MUST BUY list, please remind us when it is released….my brain is like a sieve….

  4. What a celebrity! I’m sure Tracey Peterson isn’t nearly as famous as you.

  5. Who cares whether that Tracey Peterson is famous or not? She wouldn’t hold a torch to our Tracey anyway!

    Congratulations, you are very impressive!

  6. I’m very impressed also – and by your tomatoes and lettuces which are blooming in… what clearly isn’t autumn where you are. I’d have thought you couldn’t grow juicy things like that in a hot climate but.. wrong. I imagine your lettuces don’t (like ours) get eaten by slugs because I’m guessing you don’t get slugs.

    Oh how various and wonderful the world is and how ignorant I am about it.

  7. You are very famous and important Tracey! I would totally namedrop you if I was at a party with some quilters.

  8. Rhu

    Well done, you are a very talented artist and I am so pleased you are being recognised. Bravo!! x

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