Brown Bird

There are lots of brown birds in Australia. They are an introduced species called mynah birds and generally considered a pest. When Pip was little he called them “Pigwigs”. I have no idea why, he just did.

I have been stitching brown birds. These ones are not considered to be pests. I consider them to be lovely.

Equally as lovely as their neighbouring blue birds.

They all live together on my brand new quilt design called One Bird, Two Bird, Brown Bird, Blue Bird. (a little bit Eric Carle, a little bit Dr Suess)

You can find the pattern for sale here and you can find more photos here.

Hope you like the pigwigs…


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16 responses to “Brown Bird

  1. Love this quilt! I have this same fabric in my stash…

  2. Those brown birds of yours are not pests.

  3. It looks gorgeous. I know the mynah birds are pests but I quite like their song and how cheeky they are.

  4. I love your appliques! I wish I liked doing them but I’ll admire yours instead!

  5. Siobhan

    What a cute story! We call the doves that hang around here “Fat Pillows!” I think it was because they used to steal any crumbs left over in our Doggie’s bowl and one of my boys thought they would be lovely and soft to use as a pillow! One of them was terribly fat!

  6. Today’s a key date.

    It’s the first day since forever that I have disagreed with something Stomper has said.

    I heartily dislike the Mynah birds. They are a pest, they are everywhere, and they are mean. They invade other birds’ nests and destroy the eggs. While times are tough in drought etc, they thrive while other birds are scaling back their breeding. Survival is their MO.

    But I love the birdies on your quilt! Brown or blue, they are lovely.

  7. I love how you did their tails, very spritely looking!
    Another great quilt, Peppermint Patcher!

  8. I love this lighthearted fun quilt!!
    Pigwigs is rather a good name for those pests!
    Except it rather insults pigs?

  9. m

    How do you dream your quilts up? They are so amazing. Always.

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