Have a Heart

We have begun to harvest from our little vegetable patch.

This year we have grown tall tomato plants…

and rows of crunchy lettuce.

Do you notice something special?

Each one of those lettuces curls towards the centre forming a perfect heart.

How clever are we?


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12 responses to “Have a Heart

  1. You and your Pete are very clever indeed. At our place, snails, birds or other phantoms would have devoured those green things long ago.

    • We seem to be relatively bug free. I haven’t seen snails or slugs in our yard EVER and only the outer leaves might have a nibble or two out of them. We have been totally organic.

  2. How glorious is your bounty! I remember when the boys built that vege bed.

  3. What a successful vege patch! Lovely lettuces. Healthy tomatoes. You’re just too clever.

  4. Wow, lots of salad-y goodness about to happen at your house.

  5. Fantastic! MDH is starting to map out where his is going to go, so next year I hope to have similar pics to you. And how good is the smell of the tomato vines? Oh yum I love that smell!

  6. But is it too cold to harvest?

    I need a salad now.

  7. Rhu

    My norti chookies ate my vegies. I am now on a mission to build a veg bed, raised, with chook deterrents!

  8. I obviously have to move, to your location. All my lettuce were goregous while they lasted, but the tomatoes? Most dismal failure I have ever known. We think bats or possums stole all the fruit! I could not believe it, but they all vanished just before they were ready to harvest.
    No human hand touched those fruit, honest!

  9. Gorgeous. I love how tidy and orderly your patch is too.

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