Tonight I am stitching around bluebirds.

It is making me ridiculously happy.

Hope you’ve got something to do that makes you ridiculously happy too…


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8 responses to “Bluebirds

  1. That looks like a very happy thing to be doing!

  2. What a pretty project. I think it would make me happy, too. 🙂

  3. Uh oh Miss Projects, where are the Funky Flowers? Are you working on more than one thing at a time again?

  4. Looks like a fun project! I haven’t turned on my machine since last weekend – am getting withdrawal symptoms – hopefully tomorrow!

  5. Um, me? Big huge pile of marking.

    Some of us were clearly badder in a previous life than others of us.

    Glad you’re happy, though!

  6. Just perfect! Sweet little birdies. I can totally understand your contentment right now.

  7. Rhu

    YOUR bluebirds are making me happy. How can you not smile at those? Gorgeous xxx

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