Berry Sweet

I am such a sucker for a button…

especially one as sweet as this.

I bought this little stitchery to keep my hands busy while I sit in the car and wait for Pip.

Alas, it took just one guitar lesson and one art lesson…

Now it is finished.

I still have to sit in the car again next week though…


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7 responses to “Berry Sweet

  1. Sounds like you need to go back to the button shop!?

  2. m

    Oh I LOVE a pretty button. I have a lovely set of pencil buttons. Any requirement for a pencil-shaped button?

  3. Clever. Yep, time to drum up more projects!

  4. People underrate the value of a sweet button! I’m glad to see one showed up in your stitchery! Craftily incorporated too!

  5. Please don’t put the buttons in your mouth!

    Great idea for using your strawberry button. Your quilt with funky flowers looks very promising!

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