Have You Ever?

Have you ever looked at a photo of yourself with your sister and been struck by how much you look like each other and how much you both look like your mother?

Then looked at a photo of you with your daughter…

and realised that it continues into the next generation?

*All photos taken by my sister, Sussanah, at the Groovin’ the Moo music festival this weekend.


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28 responses to “Have You Ever?

  1. I don’t know what your Mum looks like, but I was thinking much the same thing when I saw these on FB

  2. I was once at a family wedding standing with my mum and to of her sisters when my husband pointed out the very strong resemblance between us all. I’m hoping he meant the faces – you know, cheek bones and noses and stuff – not the increasing body sizes!

  3. My sister and I favor our aunts, one from each side (my sister and I look like we aren’t even cousins, much less sisters), while my brother looks like our mother. He’s adopted.

    Lovely photos by the way!

  4. Groovin’ and Good Lookin’ !!

  5. Yup, your mamma has got dominant good-lookin’ genes!!

  6. Peta

    Nice cleavage 🙂

  7. I would imagine that you and your sister and your daughter exemplify the old “peas in a pod” saying..

    as do my sisters and mother ..

  8. Uli

    Great photos.

    We all take after Dad in my family. My two brothers and I – neither Mum nor Step-mum gets a look in – and now my nephew. Same nose, eyes, shape of face, hair colour. Same big feet. Doesn’t matter who the other parent is, they just don’t get a look in.

  9. You make beautiful women in your family.
    (inside AND outside)

  10. Grandma

    Thanks for the compliments. I think that my problem in seeing the likeness is that I still see the child in all three girls. To me, Tracey has always been a mix of Jim and I, Peta mostly McIntyre and Sussanah mostly Morrison. When Tracey was qite small, the father of one of Jim’s friends said to us -“that child is just beautiful; you must have more children because the world needs them.”

  11. Lovely pics!

    I am very much like my older sister. I was looking at a photo one day and thought to myself “when was that photo taken, I don’t remember having my photo taken in that spot”…turns out it was her!

  12. The resemblance is striking. All of you look great.

  13. Yes, all very clearly from the same family!
    Hope the festival was good.

  14. It is a good thing that you are all so good looking!! Like what Grandma said – ” the world needs more good looking people”

  15. Tess

    I had a hard time trying to work out which one was the daughter and which one was you. Half your luck looking so fabulously young.

  16. It is freaky how much I can look in the mirror and see wither my mother or my sister. Or open my mouth and see one or another. *shudder* Then I look at my own tow daughters and think, gee, that is sooooo my trait/look etc.,

    Pretty wonderful really.

  17. i was just thinking that about particular traits, then it seems a little freaky!

    thanks for popping by, hope you’ve had a good day ♥

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