Wouldn’t it be Nice…

to be in Melbourne?

If you were in Melbourne you could wake up early tomorrow and take yourself to the Australasian Quilt Convention.

While you were there you could check out the exhibitions.

While you were checking out the exhibitions you could look for my quilt hanging.

That’s it on the cover of this 2006 edition of the Quilters Companion magazine being used to advertise the exhibition.

Wish I could go and see it too…


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17 responses to “Wouldn’t it be Nice…

  1. You made the cover…!!?? CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!

  2. It’s sad you couldn’t come! I would love to hang out with you and Kirsty at the same time!

  3. Kay

    Hello Tracey, I’m flying over for the day on Sat just to go to the Quilt Fair, so I shall keep my eye out for your lovely quilt. 🙂

  4. Lovely! I am planning on visiting the convention tomorrow afternoon, I will most definitely look out for it.

  5. Oh WOW! That is so incredibly beautiful. Wish I was in Melbourne too!

  6. Yes, it *is* nice to be in Melbourne.

    (Nice quilt too, btw)

  7. That quilt is stunning!
    Beautiful work, Peppermint.
    What a pity we can’t all be there to ooh and aah over it together.

  8. Gorgeous quilt! How unfair that your quilts get to travel more often than you! Can’t you make it a condition of your contract that you & your family accompany the quilts?

  9. I like how Maureen’s mind works!

    that is just a very beautiful quilt!

  10. I saw that but didn’t realise it was yours !!!!! WOW !

  11. Go you!!

    (and go Pip – covering two posts in one comment)

  12. Oh, wow!

    I’ll bet a bunch of folks will be seeing it and will gladly send photos.

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