Please indulge me

While I post video of Pip and his mates playing at the Battle of the Bands last week. Their first ever gig. Pip is in green.

I love how Pip is introduced in this one (which is not 8 minutes long – even though it says it is.)

Pip’s lyrics and riff feature here. Look out for his solo.

Naturally he was hyper-critical of his own performance, as artistic types tend to be.

I thought he was fabulous…

Oh, and they are playing their second gig tonight.


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6 responses to “Please indulge me

  1. Oh wow! So much fun having a band member in the family.
    He does a great job – you’re dead right to feel so proud.

  2. Awesome – it is great to see teens passionate about things. It must be great to have some musical talent in the family!

  3. Oh, how frustrating – the video kept stop-starting so that it was all jerky, and also I couldn’t understand the accents! – so I couldn’t work out what they were saying. Still, I’m sure it was wonderful and Pip is so lucky having such a loving Mum.

  4. Rhu

    That’s so wonderful! I am so proud of him and he’s not even mine 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Oh I know – I don’t have an accent either. That’s “eeethrrr”.

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