Battle Lines

This weekend our local council has organised a youth festival. It’s a weekend of free events for youth and a fabulous initiative.

Pip participated in one event. It was the battle of the bands.

He wore a suitably ironic t-shirt and let his hair flop about in the breeze as only teenaged rock-god can.

He and his mates have been a band for about six months. They have written two original songs, but this was the first time they performed outside of Zac’s garage and the first time real, live people watched them play.

The boys sounded amazing! A huge group of his friends came along to watch. They showed support by jumping and screaming in all the right places.

Pip said he felt so nervous that even his fingers were shaking…

but he loved every second of it!


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13 responses to “Battle Lines

  1. Oh, well done to Pip and his friends. You sound very much like a suitably proud Mum. 🙂

  2. Rock on man! He looks so intense and into it. Bet he’ll remember it forever, that feeling of teenage rock godness!

  3. That’s so great. My boy was so nervous he pulled out of his band when the reality that they would one day perform in front of other people actually kicked in.

    Which is odd, because he busks regularly at markets for pocket money.

    I think your boy and mine would be good mates you know.

  4. Oh, the adrenaline rush of live performing! I miss it so! Recording is even better! Go, Pip, go!

  5. Oh gosh, even his poor fingers shaking! Well done him then for getting up there and rocking it, what a legend.

  6. M

    Bands…I guess that’s where I’m headed with my drummer boy in a few years. A friend of mine just bought a house opposite a house where a teen band regularly practises. She hates the noise but can’t complain knowing that similar noises will be emanating from her house in three or so years…

    Pip must’ve felt amazing after the performance.

  7. aunty evil

    Well done!

    Australian Idol, here we come!

  8. I’m standing here yelling PPPPPPPPPPPPPIIIIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPPP!!!!

  9. Peta (aka the Apostrophe Bandit)

    Fully sick

  10. 8>)

    Great shots of your mop-haired rock god.

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