The weather is finally starting to turn. The sting is going out of the sun. The air conditioners only rattle for a few hours each day. The days of torrential rain are behind us.

The wet season is over. Now the tropics move into the dry season.

Imagine the most beautiful blue sky, each and every day. Imagine light breezes. Imagine putting on a cardigan in the morning, but taking it off by 11am.

This is our next five months. Utterly glorious.

My Pete and I have taken advantage of this weather to replant our vegetable patch.

Tiny tomato plants…

and leafy lettuces are now in our care.

We will tend them carefully…

then we’ll eat them!


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10 responses to “Salad

  1. *Love* the dry season in FNQ. Beautiful, beautiful days. Cloudless, blue skies. Delicious.

  2. Gosh the colour of your salad is absolutely vibrant in those photos!

  3. It is indeed the BEST time of year, lucky us on the East Coast!

  4. aunty evil

    Ooh, I can smell the leaves of that tomato plant from here. Yum!

  5. That’s making me hungry! Are you doing snow peas too?

  6. We’re heading into our warmer season too! I an hardly wait! If only I could eat strawberries!! Soon enough….

  7. Oh those little lettuces look delicious. The weather you’re having sounds wonderful

  8. Tomatoes in the winter? My head is spinning. Though presumably it’s not really winter.

    In Scotland we can’t really grow them much in the summer!

  9. Hi..those salad vegies look healthy. We have just planted some winter seedlings..broccoli, leeks and some peas! Thanks for visiting my blog, Amanda

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