Flo has to Go…

Tonight is the last night that I will see my beautiful friend Flo for quite a long time.

Generally I see her once a week, sometimes twice a week, for stitching and sewing. On Thursday she is leaving Townsville to make a new life for herself in the UK. The time between our visits will no longer be measured in weeks, but most likely in years.

I am so excited for her to be heading off on this adventure, but I will miss her terribly.

She will take this red button bag that I have made with her. I hope it makes her happy.

Flo had to go, I couldn’t go with the flow…*

* a line from this song – which we both find highly amusing.

Bye, Flo…


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8 responses to “Flo has to Go…

  1. It’s hard when good friends move away! At least the internet is invented now though. Good luck to Flo and her big adventure.

  2. aunty evil

    Bye bye Flo. I never met you, but if Tracey loves you, then that makes you ok in my book! Travel safe, arrive safe, be safe.

  3. It is hard when good friends leave…

  4. Awww. As Stomper Girl said, at least nowadays it’s easier to stay connected to good friends! I know you’ll miss her.

    Good luck on this new journey Flo!

  5. It is always harder for the friends left behind.
    She is indeed a beautiful person and I wish her all teh very best too.
    Blogs, Skype etc – it is all so easy now…once time differences are worked out.

  6. M

    Oh, not easy. But a lovely bag.

  7. Goodbye Flo! I’m sure the Red Button Club had a great send-off for you!! Have a safe trip & good luck on your new adventure!

  8. aw, thanks tracey and other lovely people! the satchel ad book has been very well used already while i’m bumming around brisbane doing not much but thinking about things to make. xox
    ps- the verna quilt looks like the back of the quilt you brought in the other monday night? i love it!

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