Making Art

During these shcool holidays Pip has been busy making art.

He has been enjoying a spot of photography…

turning his photos…

into sketches…

and testing out some newly purchased print making supplies.

Naturally, as he is on holidays,  all work has been completed AFTER midday.


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15 responses to “Making Art

  1. I’m sure *all* the best art is produced after midday!

  2. I love to see a clever young man making art. Good art, too!

  3. WOW – talent sure runs in your family!

  4. grandma

    Another level of your cleverness, Pip, although watching you do it with your left hand is still a bit scarey. When we were last in Canberra (not recently) we went to an exhibition of linographs by Norman Lindsay and his brother (whose name escapes me, sorry). They were quite fascinating as they had done the “tour” of the Middle East and Europe.

  5. I’m impressed that it looks like the photo.

    I can’t draw anything that looks like….well, anything.

  6. Wow, he really is very good. Clever Pip!

  7. M

    the sketch from photo is most excellent!

  8. Q

    I just stumbled across your site today. You (and your family) make wonderful beautiful things. Your blog is so pretty and your designs are very inspirational. Thanks for sharing your work.

  9. Youngest and I (Youngest is reading with me tonight) are admiring Pip’s fine work!

  10. Well naturally! It would be most unreasonable to expect a teenager on holiday to be productive before the sun had reached its zenith!
    Looks like he inherited some of his mother’s talent….

  11. I like to think of your lovely boy spending his school-free time whipping up art.

  12. Another fab artist in the family then?

  13. Tess

    Would you mind asking Pip to show his creations on your blog? I’d love to see what he’s crafting and how it turns out. I hope my children have a love of creation.

  14. I have an uneasy feeling that as soon as my anklebiters hit the teen years and school holidays roll around, this house will be pin-drop quiet before noon and a veritable hive of activity after midnight. I’ve given in to the night owl gene.

    Mighty impressed with the hive of activity around your place.

  15. And after consuming an enormous amount of food? Isn’t that how it goes with teenage boys?

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