So… I am making a quilt for publication. I have been provided with the MOST gorgeous fabric and am loving using it.

In a flash of genius I decided to make two versions of the quilt. I often take just one quilt block, then scale it up to be the whole quilt. I thought I could demonstrate this by making a small version of the whole quilt and very cleverly send both to the magazine.

I made both quilts at the same time. This was a strategic move as I know very well that I would never manage to find the focus to go back and do the small one later.

After completing the blocks for both quilts I put the small one together first.

I carried it back to the studio, crowing at my cleverness.

I laid it out on the table and marvelled at my own abilities.

Then… I saw it.

Do you see it?

That block is upside down. It’s blue where it should be green and green where it should be blue.

Luckily I have had a lot of experience at unpicking.


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45 responses to “Unpicking

  1. Bummer! Hope you had some good telly to watch as you sat there unpicking!

  2. Could have been worse…there were more difficult bits to unpick.
    I bet it looks just great by now! ( keeps us humble I reckon )
    Happy Easter to You and All your lovely family

  3. Lucky it was just one block. That’s a mistake you won’t make in the big version, anyhow!
    And it looks gorgeous – lovely fabrics.

  4. Looks wonderful just the same Tracey – good luck with finishing/pattern writing.

    I’ve spent two days drawing 13 different diagrams for my project – next time I should think of something that requires less complex assembly!

  5. I think I could be a professional unpicker. I feel your pain!

  6. It took a bit of looking, but then I saw it. I hate it when that happens. I am bit like that as well and will always have a an unpicking pile next to the sofa. I’d rather take a bit longer and be happy with the result rather than rush it and forever be mad at myself.

  7. OMG, even with the arrows I still can’t see it! Where’s Melinda, I need her beside me, she won’t be able to see it either!

  8. Don’t we all!! I’m always doing stuff like that. Nice to know the experts do it too! It’s really lovely too. x

  9. I thought it was a quilting tradition to include a deliberate error to remind yourself that you are not perfect.

  10. I’m SUCH a beginner when it comes to quilts and SUCH a seasoned old hand when it comes to the unpicker! PS. It’s GLORIOUS!

  11. It is easy enough to do! Love the design and the sweet fabric – will have to look out for that one when it is published!

  12. Argh. I know how that feels! Lovely fabrics though, upside down or not.

  13. Aunty Evil is right! I’ve spent four minutes poring over that picture and I can’t see it!

  14. I didn’t see it – I was just thinking how perfect it looked! Oof, hope the fingers hold out x

  15. The Amish do that kind of thing in every quilt, I’ve heard—because only God is perfect!

  16. How depressed does that make me? I’ve been looking at it for a while and I don’t see the mistake. Clearly I’ll never be a quilter (sigh).

  17. Hmph. I must be a beginner. Like Aunty, I didn’t notice the fault even with the arrows. It looked lovely to me but I understand it must be perfect for it to be published!

  18. What a pain… although I didn’t notice until you pointed it out!

  19. M

    Oh crap. double crap. hate that.

  20. Still not seeing it, do you have any more arrows?

  21. Bless your heart. It’s very subtle, but no doubt frustrating.

  22. As soon as I saw the photo I could see the mistake….NO I couldn’t and I still struggle to see it. I am with the Amish philosophy!!! Gorgeous by the way.

  23. Oops.

    Call me if you need unpicking done. I could unpick for Australia, I’ve had that much practice with various dressmaking projects I’ve done…not to mention the removal of Cash’s nametapes before school uniforms go into the second hand uniform shop.

    In fact…they should make unpicking an Olympic sport.

    • OOOOOOOOOH! and sudoku – that should be an olympic sport… and the other day I got 100 points on wii fit for the sun salutation pose. That’s the most points you can get. They should do that at the olympics too.

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