Blasting off

This world, it is not safe, We must make plans to leave this place.

We’ll build a colony on nearby planets known to me.

Good-bye, good-bye,

good-bye, good-bye

Good bye to all the ones I’ll miss…


Quilt by me:

Lyrics by these clever boys:


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20 responses to “Blasting off

  1. What a fantastic quilt! Love the bright colours, and the applique rocket, and relatively easy looking background… all round greatness!

  2. Siobhan

    Oh, this quilt would have to be my favourite! It is just gorgeous!I want one for my bed, never mind my boys!

  3. Gorgeous! I love quilts that are a bit out of the usual! I love the fact that you have appliquéd the stars throughout the quilt as well to match the space ship block.



  4. Oh, I love it! Rockets and aliens – you’ve given me an idea!

  5. What a fun quilt Tracey! The detail on the rocket is great and the colours are so bright and cheerful.

  6. What fab fabric! What a terrific design. Love the colours – well done!

  7. That looks great Tracey! I love the bright happy colours!

  8. I’ve always admired this fabric line — you made it sing!!

  9. You’re so clever! and so cool with that song!

  10. More quilty gorgeousness!
    Love the colours, and the composition.

  11. Wonderful Tracey – you know how I like a happy Rocket Ship!

  12. Oh brrrrriliant. Zoom

  13. There’s a little boy out there, somewhere, who is going to be very happy when he gets this quilt!

  14. The quilt is indeed splendiferous. And the world, here in Edinburgh, is currently dark, howlingly windy and rainy and generally ugh. Wait for me!

  15. Love this design – and the colours are really beautiful!!

  16. Love both quilt, subject matter, song, and colors. Lovely.

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