Mother of the Year

Yesterday it rained. Torrential rain fell for twelve straight hours. Over 200mm (eight inches)  of rain was recorded during that time.

Naturally it started raining about 3:15pm, just as Pip was a quarter of the way home from school – on his bike.

What was I to do? I couldn’t pick him up in the car because he had his bike and I didn’t know exactly where he was.

So I stood out the front with my camera…

and waited for him to ride down the street.

I am, after all, mother of the year.


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23 responses to “Mother of the Year

  1. Your trophy is in the mail, good work there Tracey.

  2. I’m glad you didn’t over-exert yourself; it is always unpleasant to show up at an award ceremony with aches & pains. Way to go, Pip, for making it home despite all that rain!

  3. I’m so glad you weren’t baking cookies or anything!!

  4. He looks quite happy!

  5. What are mothers for, if not to photographically document life’s triumphs, trials and tribulations?

  6. Hey, it looks like trying to cycle in England! Well, except for the shorts.

  7. Rebecca Woods

    I would have done exactly the same thing Hee Hee!!!

  8. At least you stood out the front and looked worried, even if the look of worry was partially hidden by a camera lens!

  9. Handsome, handsome boy!

  10. At least he is smiling!

  11. *lol*

    I got that award today by noticing this morning that MissL still had some of last night’s pumpkin on her face.

  12. Kirsty

    And, Pip being Pip, he SMILED at you for it!

  13. He looked like he enjoyed the ride home. Why spoil his fun!! Good on you Mother of the Year.

  14. Think of the mess in the car with him dripping everywhere if you had picked him up? He looks quite happy in those photos. Man against the elements and all that. You ARE mother of the year!

  15. He’s a big boy, he won’t melt! 😉 You are indeed mother of the year to risk your camera getting wet! 😉

  16. Ah, to look so good in wet clothes!

  17. M

    I remember the BEST days being the days it rained torrentially on the bike ride home from our school bus (about 1.5km). There was always then the bonus of finding tadpoles in the ditches by the road.

  18. Your ‘mother of the year’ is an excellent standard to be setting and one for which I shall be determinedly striving!

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