We’re on a cyclone watch.

It could be an interesting few days…

PS WHY, oh why do these things always happen on a weekend and mess with sewing time??


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13 responses to “Watching?

  1. Good luck – must be very unnerving….

  2. I’ll be sending Cyclone-deterrent vibes your way.

  3. I was just about to put up the exact same post!!!!

    I had plans for a picnic in Paluma – they’ve been shot.

  4. Battery operated sewing machine????

  5. Fingers crossed for you all.

  6. Eeeek, hope it misses you all.

  7. I was thinking of you and Kirsty today as I heard the news report.

    Stay safe.

  8. Ooh good luck, I’ll be thinking of you.

  9. Oh how terrible. Hoping you are safe and dry all weekend and that you can recoup some of your lost sewing time.

  10. Bloody hell. Hope it loses steam before it gets to you and your sewing.

  11. You may have to make use of all of those gorgeous quilts you have made over the years. String them all together and they will act as a wind break.

    Seriously though, take care and stay safe.

  12. I’ve been keeping my eye on this one. Hope all is okay… and doesn’t an odd cyclone or two, make life just a little more interesting?

  13. OOOH – I do hope you’ve weathered the storm!

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